Zionism, Palestine, Israel

In the last years the Near and Middle East were of central importance for international politics. Besides the imperialist intervention in Iraq, the Palestine conflict plaid a major role. In the discussions of the German-speaking Left this importance was reflected as well. That's why we want to draw an outline of a Marxist analysis of the situation…

From Seattle to Genoa

Anti-war-movement and Islamism

Under the designation Islamism we conceive forces, which construe and form the muslim religion as a political program and political movement. In their ideology they usually combine a rejection of western influences with a recourse to (mostly reactionary) elements of pre-colonial culture. They are always enemies of labour movement, women liberation…

Theses on the political situation in Austria

In our first pamphlet published after the inauguration of the capitalist government made up of the Austrian People’s Party and the Austrian Freedom Party, we emphasised that the new coalition means a break in the post-war development in Austria. A political alliance of openly bourgeois parties has taken over responsibilities for government affairs…


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