Greece: Freedom for Aris Seirinidis!

05 Apr 2011: 
For 10 months the revolutionary activist Aris Seirinidis is jailed in Athens. The charges against him have ben ridiculous from the start. And now even the trial, which has finally started, is becoming a farce.

Austria 1918 - a blocked revolution

29 Nov 2008: 
The Russian Revolution needed to spread to developed Europe to survive. Lenin and Trotsky, together with the entire leadership of the Bolsheviks, rested their greatest hopes rested on Germany, and Austria, which because of its location was a bridge between Russia and Germany.

United fronts, elections and alliances

17 Nov 2007: 
We drafted our basic position concerning united fronts in our Principles: it is necessary for the building of revolutionary organisations to break workers „from reformist party bureaucracies and reformism in general". „Revolutionaries apply the tactic of the united front to achieve this. This tactic seeks to bring reformist organisations, who are…

Theses on Anti-imperialism

17 Nov 2007: 

Zionism, Palestine, Israel

23 Mai 2007: 
In the last years the Near and Middle East were of central importance for international politics. Besides the imperialist intervention in Iraq, the Palestine conflict plaid a major role. In the discussions of the German-speaking Left this importance was reflected as well. That's why we want to draw an outline of a Marxist analysis of the situation…


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