OKDE :No to any “Agreement” with the EU–IMF Blackmailers

The EU/Eurozone and the IMF dropped the masks. Despite the multiple (and painful) retreats of the government, they don’t accept any “compromising” agreement, but only what they dictate 100% themselves: brutal austerity and fiscal “adjustment” – new cuts of wages and pensions – strict meeting of all “obligations”… new Memorandums here and now.

Political Document on Greece (June 2015)

a document of OKDE, launched at the beginning of June, presented here with some small amendments responding to the recent developements

OKDE: Political Document on Greece (April 2015)

In the last three months that SYRIZA is in government, the indications of its politics show the complete dead-end of its reformist programm. More than that, they show the complete dead-end of the exercised bourgeois policy and they fully confirm our positions

OKDE- Not a single compromise with the EU’s and the Markets’ blackmails

Greece: Freedom for Aris Seirinidis!

For 10 months the revolutionary activist Aris Seirinidis is jailed in Athens. The charges against him have ben ridiculous from the start. And now even the trial, which has finally started, is becoming a farce.

Capitalism in Crisis

Austria 1918 - a blocked revolution

The Russian Revolution needed to spread to developed Europe to survive. Lenin and Trotsky, together with the entire leadership of the Bolsheviks, rested their greatest hopes rested on Germany, and Austria, which because of its location was a bridge between Russia and Germany.

The state and perspectives of the women’s movement

In the last 20 years the women’s movement experienced a dramatic decline. It lost its character as a movement to a large extent. Active self-organisation and collective struggle against sexism in economy, state and daily life decreased. Former feminist activists got hold of jobs in the ruling system, mainly at Universities and state institutions.…

United fronts, elections and alliances

We drafted our basic position concerning united fronts in our Principles: it is necessary for the building of revolutionary organisations to break workers „from reformist party bureaucracies and reformism in general". „Revolutionaries apply the tactic of the united front to achieve this. This tactic seeks to bring reformist organisations, who are…

Theses on Anti-imperialism


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